TRAS COVID-19 Guidelines, Participants

TRAS is committed to offering ski and snowboard lessons while ensuring the health and safety of all those involved. Safety is the forefront of all decisions made. In order to maximize everyone’s health and safety and promote a positive experience, please read and agree to by signature, all of the guidelines below.


Prior to  lesson:

1) TRAS will not accept any new students this year and only schedule lessons for students that have participated in our snow program in the recent past.

2)     Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance online, via phone message or email following the registration procedures.

3)      Skiers must complete 4 documents - a registration form, this COVID Guideline agreement, waiver, and screening questionnaire no less than one week in advance of a scheduled lesson.

Registration is not confirmed until all paperwork is received.

4) TRAS may limit the number of lessons an individual can receive in order to help TRAS get more people out on the slopes this season. You may be put on a waitlist.


Planning for lesson:

1) All participants, instructors, volunteers, and family members agree to only use indoor facilities of the resort for hydration, restrooms and access to the ski area.

2)     Skiers must not need constant and/or substantial physical/hands on contact/assistance during their ski lesson.

3)     Skiers who require physical assistance with a) loading/unloading on chair lifts; b) transfers in/out of adaptive ski equipment; c) getting up after a fall, d) wiping noses and mask management, e) supporting behavioral needs, etc. ; may be required to have family/friends accompany the skier in order to provide the needed physical assistance throughout the lesson. This person must be able to ski/ride and accompany the lesson across all terrain and slopes.

4)     Sharing of food or drink is prohibited.

5)     Participants should plan on leaving personal belongings or gear with family or in their car. Personal belongings can not be left in the TRAS trailer for space and sanitation purposes.

6)     Everyone will be required to wear properly fitted masks (surgical or cloth) in accordance with State, County, and Municipal requirements. Masks must be worn at all times while involved in the TRAS Ski Program. Masks must cover the nose and mouth securely with minimal adjustments. Fleece neck gaiters and buffs are not acceptable masks but may be worn in addition to cloth or surgical masks.

7)    If there is a risk that masks will get wet or soiled during a lesson due to difficulty controlling saliva, students will need to bring additional masks and their families are responsible for changing them. Instructors will NOT change student’s masks.

8)    If a skier has the habit of mouthing/biting clothing or equipment they should not attend the program this year due to COVID concerns.

9)    Please come fully prepared with all required clothing. Helmets are required and provided if necessary.

Arriving for lesson:

1) The lesson meeting location will be mutually agreed upon by the TRAS Instructor and participant prior to the start of the lesson.

2)     Adaptive equipment setup times will be scheduled to allow for no more than 2 people in the equipment trailer at any given time.

3)     Each student and accompanying family/caregiver will be health screened, checking temperatures and asking COVID exposure questions. If symptoms are present upon arrival the lesson will be canceled and refund issued. Temperatures of 100.4 or greater are considered a fever.

4)     All participants, family/caregiver, instructors, and volunteers must sign Release of Liability Waiver and understand that they are participating at their own risk.

During lesson:

1)     If symptoms of COVID present themselves at any time during a lesson the remaining lesson day will be cancelled and participants and any applicable person involved will follow the CDC/PA guidelines for COVID testing and self-quarantine.

2) Transfers/dressing/toileting and any other contact needs should be performed by the participants family/caregiver during the lesson when possible.

3)     TRAS instructors and volunteers will sanitize hands before and after contact with the participant and minimize close contact to 15 minutes or less. Participants and their family/caregiver are also asked to use hand sanitizer.

4) 6 foot physical distancing guidelines will be followed for both indoor and outdoor environments except in cases where it is unsafe or infeasible to do so.

5) Face shields may be worn by instructors in addition to masks when they are assisting with equipment set up or need to be in close contact.

6)     If participants or family/friends are not able or willing to adhere to the mask and behavior requirements the lesson may end without warning and future lessons for the season may be cancelled.


After lesson:

1) Anything inadvertently left behind will be placed in a plastic bag.

2)     All equipment used during the ski lesson will be cleaned according to cleaning protocols established by TRAS at the beginning and end of each lesson.

3)     Once lessons end skiers and caregivers are asked to leave the adapted ski area.

4)     If within 2 weeks after their lesson, anyone involved in the lesson develops symptoms or tests positive for COVID, TRAS should be contacted by calling 412-848-8896 (Mark Kulzer) so proper steps can be taken to notify those that may have been exposed.

I have read, understand and agree to follow the above Guidelines


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