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All physical activity carried out by human beings carries certain risks.
Recreation with elastic trampolines, climbing walls and all the activities provided by the company SUPER JUMP PARK SRL hereinafter called the SUPER JUMP PARK park are activities previously tried and tested to the maximum in order to offer you an unforgettable experience. However, like any physical activity of its kind, it carries some risks and dangers that must be known and assumed by users.
This is an affidavit which releases SUPER JUMP PARK from all kinds of responsibilities, in the event of any type of injury, accident or even death of a person due to improper management of the recreation areas.

1. I declare that I will use the facilities and equipment of the SUPER JUMP PARK at my own risk and responsibility, knowing my own physical limitations and knowing to what extent I can demand my physical integrity within the SUPER JUMP PARK.

2. I expressly declare that the SUPER JUMP PARK has installed security signs for the use of each game.

3. I declare that I expressly know that the SUPER JUMP PARK has assistance members who will tell me when to perform the maneuvers that may pose a physical risk to my physical integrity, I also accept that I will abide by each and every one of the instructions that the assistance members they can give me.

4. I confirm that I am aware that the SUPER JUMP PARK has at least one member of the assistance team with basic knowledge of first aid.

5. I accept that in the event of an accident and / or injury, SUPER JUMP PARK undertakes to call the ambulance service if the person or guardian of the injured minor so wishes and assumes the cost of this service.

6. I voluntarily release and release from all liability, whether criminal or civil, for possible accidents, injuries and / or death to the SUPER JUMP PARK and its legal representatives and I agree that I will use the park at my own risk and responsibility.

7.- I declare to know and understand that the SUPER JUMP PARK has a regulation for the use of its facilities, the risks and precautions to be considered, the full content of which was made known to me through a complete training by audiovisual means (video), which is of my knowledge in a complete way so I promise to comply with it.

8. I declare to be aware that the possible injuries and accidents of using the SUPER JUMP PARK include sprained ankles, limb injuries, in general any type of bone cracks or breaks, muscle injuries and others; In addition, the activity by its nature could include the risk of fatal accident and death.

9. I declare that I am aware that I will use the SUPER JUMP PARK together with other users, so at all times I must ensure my own physical integrity and at all times I will be attentive to other users to avoid collisions with them.

10.- I declare to know and accept that the SUPER JUMP PARK will ensure my safety and that of all the users of the park and that it has optimal and safe facilities to use. However, any accident or injury will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of me as a user of the SUPER JUMP PARK.

11. Likewise, I renounce any claim related to the possible incidents mentioned in this statement that involve the minors referred to in this paragraph, releasing the company Super Jump Park SRL and its dependents from any type of responsibility.

12. I declare under oath that all the above information is true, that I know and accept each and every one of the points mentioned in this document and that I release SUPER JUMP PARK from all responsibility for a possible injury, accident and / or death that could happen to me or to minors for whom I am responsible while using the SUPER JUMP PARK.

13. Likewise, I declare my full and absolute conformity and consent to each and every one of the preceding points and that they correspond to my faithful and true will, having not mediated any vice of consent or error, giving the character of a sworn statement to this document.

** The signature of this document is valid for five years and will be applicable to all uses that the subscriber and is listed in this document make of the park facilities during said period.
I understand the different forms of contagion of COVID-19, I recognize the risk of contagion that may exist in the playing areas of SUPER JUMP PARK, for which I accept that I must comply with the requirements and recommendations established to avoid contagion. Likewise, I assume responsibility for the risk of contagion that using the different playgrounds entails for myself, my family and the people I represent. *

Super Jump Park is more than a trampoline park and recreational activities, it's a big family.

We want to invite you, your family and friends to be part of our great family and have immediate and exclusive access to all our areas. If this is the first time you are visiting us, we would appreciate you paying careful attention to our guide to safety regulations and the correct use of our different areas (safety video). It is necessary that you proceed with the filling and signing of our Jumper Card below to enable your access to the park. This is your park, enjoy it.
Let's have fun again!

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