Alcohol and Release of Liability Form




I acknowledge that Shafaii Broadway Events does not provide, sell, or serve alcoholic beverages for any of the events held at 1000 Broadway St. Houston, Texas. Shafaii Broadway Events, its owners, operators, employees, agents, vendors and representatives are not responsible or liable for any damages to property or injuries to the lessee, their guest or any third parties that attend the event. The lessee understand that they are fully responsible for any injuries or damages that result from the consumption of alcohol on the premises regardless of who bought, brought or supplied the alcohol including anything brought by the lessee, guest, or any other third parties to also include, but not limited to, property damage, personal injury, death, disfigurement. Lessee acknowledges that they are solely responsible for any and all damages suffered to themselves, their guest or third parties as a result to include, but not limited too, property damage, personal injury, death, disfigurement.


Lessee hereby Releases, Waive and Covenant Not to Sue, and further agree to Indemnify, Defend and Hold Harmless the following parties: any and all employees and/or representatives providing support for the Lessee's Event, and each of their respective parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies, officers, directors, partners, shareholders, members, agents, employees and volunteers (Individually and Collectively, the "Released Parties” or "Event Organizers”), with respect to any liability, claim(s), demand(s), cause(s) of action, damage(s), loss or expense (including court costs and attorney’s fees) of any kind or nature ("Liability”) which may arise out of, result from, or relate to Lessee's participation in the Event, including claims for Liability caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the Released Parties. Lessee further agree that if, despite this Agreement, Lessee, or anyone on their behalf, makes a claim for Liability against any of the Released Parties, Lessee will indemnify, defend and hold harmless each of the Released Parties from any such Liability which any may be incurred as the result of such claim, and do so into perpetuity.


Lessee agrees they have read this waiver of liability in its entirety and agree with its terms and has executed the waiver voluntarily and without any inducement. Lessee hereby for theirselves, their heirs, executors, administrators, or anyone else who might make a claim on their behalf, covenant not to sue, waive, release, and discharge Shafaii Broadway Events LLC, its owners, operators, employees, agents, and servants from any and all liability, property damage, personal injury, death, disfigurement. This waiver extends to any and all claims of every kind or nature whatsoever, foreseen or unforeseen, known or unknown. Lessee further agree to hold harmless, defend, and indemnify Shafaii Broadway Events LLC, its owners, operators, employees, agents, and servants for any and all causes of action, claims, or lawsuits that may result from the consumption of alcohol on their property.



Shafaii Broadway Events will allow lessor to provide and supply alcohol and serve beverages containing alcohol (including but not limit to beer, wine, champagne, mixed-drinks with liquor, etc., by way of example) hereinafter call “Alcohol”, upon the following terms and conditions:


1. Under NO circumstances shall Client(s) sell or attempt to sell any Alcohol to anyone.


2. Lessee hereby agrees to use their best efforts to ensure that Alcohol will not be served to anyone who is intoxicated or appears to be intoxicated.


3. Lessee hereby expressly grants the lessor, at lessor’s sole discretion and option, to instruct the security officer(s) to remove any person(s) from the Venue, if in the opinion of the lessor or any of their representative(s) in charge, if the the person(s) is intoxicated, unruly or could present a danger to themselves or others, and/or the Venue.


4. Lessee hereby agrees to be liable and responsible for all act(s) and actions of every kind and nature for each and every person in attendance at Lessee's function or event.


5.Lessee acknowledges the legal age to consume alcohol is twenty-one (21). The lessor’s house policy enforces that law regardless if the person consuming is under twenty-one (21) and are accompanied by their legal guardian. Lessee agrees not to serve or allow anyone to serve, provide, or make alcohol available to anyone under the age of twenty-one (21). 


6. Lessor acknowledges that the event can be terminated at anytime if any minors are caught consuming any type of alcoholic beverages on the premises.


7. Under no circumstances shall client or any guest of client bring in any drugs or contraband substances into the venue, the use of contraband substance in the venue will lead to an immediate termination of the event.



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By clicking 'I Agree' below, you agree that you have read and agree with the terms of the waiver and that the information you provided is accurate. You furthermore agree that your submission of this form, via the 'I Agree' button, shall constitute the execution of this document in exactly the same manner as if you had signed, by hand, a paper version of this agreement.