Band/DJ Rules & Regulations Form

Band & DJ: Band/Dj must meet with hall manager prior to event date. All equipment for DJ/Band purposes must be compatible with our current electrical system. No connecting direct to the panel.  If this is not done, no DJ/Band will be able to set up or perform. No bands/DJ will be allowed to perform without the approval of the Lessor. Band/DJ must set up at least one hour prior to function start time. Band/DJ must stop playing music 30 minutes before event end time.Bands/DJ must follow all facility rules and must be out of facility by event ending time. Additional hours will be charged by the hour at $350 per hour for extended time needed and may be then from clients deposit.  Failure to follow these rules will result in loss of deposit and/or termination of event. Failure to notify Shafaii Broadway of Band or DJ may restrict access of band or DJ on event day and/or loss of deposit. All cables MUST be taped down with GAFFING TAPE to avoid left over sticky residue on the floor. 

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