Waxing Consent Form



I understand that I will undergo a waxing hair removal service(s) at SOS WAX and Skincare. Possible side effects include redness, swelling and pimples, but these are temporary and generally fade within 72 hours.


For Brazilian and/or bikini waxing, I will notify my service provider if I am on my menstrual cycle.


I understand that before and after service waxing tips are available to me on the SOS WAX website at www.soswaxlv.com/waxtips. If I have questions or concerns about the service, I will ask my esthetician. I agree to adhere to all safety post care including: no peels, tanning or wet room services; no swimming/spas/hot tubs for at least 24 hours after waxing; and all home skin care protocols as recommended by my esthetician.



For the area to be waxed, I have not used a scrub, Retin-A, Retinol OTC, take home micro-dermabrasion, glycolic peels, other peels, exfoliated or tanned in the last 72 hours.


I have been off of Accutane for at least twelve (12) months.


I do not have any open skin lesions or active herpes outbreak (cold sore or genital). If I do, I will notify my esthetician before I begin the waxing service.


I understand that with treatment certain risks are involved and that any complications or side effects from known or unknown causes could occur. I freely assume these risks, if I have concerns I will address them with my esthetician.


I have read, understand and I consent to the terms of this agreement. By signing below, I assume any risk, harm or injury which may occur as a result from waxing services and I give my permission to my esthetician at SOS WAX and Skincare to perform waxing services. I will hold the esthetician and SOS WAX and Skincare harmless of any liability and waive any claims that may result from the services.


The SOS WAX Maintenance Waxing Program is the best deal for regular waxing in Las Vegas. If I choose to take advantage of the great savings of the Maintenance Waxing program (brazilian, full legs, back, or chest), I acknowledge that if I do a NO SHOW for a Maintenance Wax appointment (regardless of the circumstances), I will be charged the full price on my next appointment, then I may resume maintenance pricing thereafter. I also understand that the window for the Maintenance pricing is 4 weeks from my last appointment of the same service regardless of the number of days in the month (example: if your last service was on February 5, you must accomplish that same service before March 5). Furthermore, I acknowledge that there is no guarantee my requested esthetician will be available and that if I go beyond the timeframe for maintenance pricing to see a specific esthetician, I will pay full price for the service performed.

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