Class Agreement

Welcome to Rockstar Cheer Cleveland!  We are thrilled you will be joining us for a Rockin' good time!  Before we get started, we want to make sure you read and understand the terms of our class program by signing the Class Agreement below.

Annual Gym Registration

All athletes who enroll in Rockstar Cheer Cleveland classes/programs pay an ANNUAL Membership fee of $40/family to participate.  The fee is per calendar year, and is prorated to $30 for families staring in the months of July - December.  The fee covers insurance and administrative costs for the calendar year.  This fee is not charged when you register for an event, it is only for athletes enrolled in monthly classes or all star teams at Rockstar Cheer Cleveland.  Please be aware this fee is 100% non-refundable should you decide to withdraw from Rockstar Cheer Cleveland classes/programs at any time during the calendar year.  In future years, your annual membership fee will be billed each year on January 10th if your athlete is enrolled in any classes or teams as of that date.  If payment has not been received by January 20th, the card you have on file will be charged for the annual membership fee on that date. *NOTE - The Annual Gym Registration Fee is NOT applicable to Virtual Classes. 

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Payment Policy - Monthly Charges

Each athlete is required to have a credit or debit card on file. For services with Rockstar Cheer Cleveland requiring monthly dues (Team Practice, Tumbling or other Skill Classes, etc) accounts will be billed 5-7 days prior to the 1st of each month the fees are due. If the amount due has not been paid by the 1st of each month, the card on file will be charged between the 1st and the 5th of the month. Any accounts not paid by the 7th of the month will be charged a 10% late fee, and the athlete will not be permitted to participate until the amount due is paid. When an athlete's account becomes 15 days overdue, the athlete will be removed from the program until the balance is paid in full, inclusive of any late fees acrued. 

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Automatic Billing Authorization

I (we) hereby authorize Rockstar Cheer Cleveland to charge credit card(s) provided on my account.  I(we) acknowledge these charges will occur automatically on and/or near the 1st of each month.  I have read and fully understand the payment policy for monthly and additional charges. I agree to have the accounts on file charged according to the payment policies stated in this document in the amounts that are listed in the items that I purchase, payment contracts that I sign and services provided by Rockstar Cheer Cleveland and Rockstar Cleveland Booster Club. 

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Make Up Policy

Active students who are currently enrolled and miss a class due to illness, emergency, holiday or weather related closing may make up their class in any class of the same level that has openings within 30 days of the missed class.  Athletes who are not currently enrolled in class are not eligible for makeups.  All makeup classes are forfeited when an athlete dis-enrolls from our program, and will not carry over into future enrollment periods. *NOTE - There are no makeups available for virtual classes as they are offered in an unlimited capacity while enrolled.  There are no makeups for team practice because there is no practical substitute available that is equivalent to a team practice. 
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Privacy Policy

Your personal and financial information will not be shared with any third parties. 

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I have read the Class Agreement and, understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it and have signed it freely and without any inducement or assurance of any nature and intend it to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law and agree that if any portion of this agreement is held to be invalid the balance, notwithstanding, shall continue in full force and effect.  I attest that all information presented is factual. 

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Who will be participating?

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Signee Information

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By clicking 'I Agree' below, you agree that you have read and agree with the terms of the waiver and that the information you provided is accurate. You furthermore agree that your submission of this form, via the 'I Agree' button, shall constitute the execution of this document in exactly the same manner as if you had signed, by hand, a paper version of this agreement.