Dyno & Tuning Disclaimer

Please read this document carefully and then complete the form and sign the agreement below. No rolling road tests or tuning will be performed without this signed agreement to the terms and conditions.

Fuel: For petrol vehicles, please ensure they are filled from empty with Super Unleaded prior to any tuning work.

This does not mean the vehicle necessarily always has to be run on Super Unleaded, but ensures we can map to the maximum power available without being held back by fuel quality.

Dyno use: This consists of carrying out partial and full throttle power tests to determine bhp and torque at the wheels and calculated flywheel figures. At the same time where possible we will monitor other engine parameters and fuelling using wideband lambda sensor.
It is the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure the vehicle is capable of full power runs, which will exert similar strain on an engine to full throttle use on a motorway.
During tuning work, the engine may be held for periods at various power settings to enable the ECU to be tuned, along with full power runs.

Tuning: This consists of altering settings and programming in the vehicles Engine Control Unit (ECU) and/or Transmission Control Unit (TCU). This is done with industry leading devices to ensure the process is as reliable as possible.
Depending on the vehicle, this may be done through the OBD socket, directly to the ECU/TCU connector pins, or by opening the unit and connecting directly to the control board.
Although rare, there can be unforseen circumstances where additional work may be required over and above original pricing due to communication issues, vehicle electronic problems or other circumstances. In this event the customer would be informed and additional time may be chargeable.

Pre Test Conditions: The customer must make sure the vehicle is in a fit state to dyno test.

The engine, gearbox and all drivetrain components must be in good condition, recently serviced and capable of full power use.
Fluid levels are all at the correct levels and specifications.
Tyres are in good condition and correctly inflated.
The cooling system must be free from defects and functioning correctly.
The exhaust must be gas tight as we need to take samples from the tail pipe and leaks will dilute these readings.
Please ensure a full tank of fuel.
For the purposes of accurate performance testing and best results you must be satisfied that all relevant components are in sound condition. For example spark plugs, injectors, turbochargers, ignition system, engine compression, valvetrain and ancillaries such as the alternator should all be sound otherwise the results may not represent the true performance of the vehicle.
The only exception to this is where a vehicle is being dyno tested to find and/or resolve a running issue.

Securing the car: There must be means to attach securing straps to the vehicle near the driven wheels. If not, we may not be able to power test it. In these circumstances charges will still apply.
Most stock vehicles have sufficient securing points, please ask if you are unsure. Modern 'performance' cars may need workshop time to remove underside panelling to access tie-down points.
Please note racing cars, cars that are extremely low or with body kits fitted may have problems with clearance and access to strapping points on the underside. If you think your car may be a problem please consult us in advance.

Safety: The customer must conform to the safety instructions given by JL Innovation Ltd personnel, particularly regarding safe distances and noise protection, please observe safety notices and barriers. Failure to adhere to safety instructions will result in immediate cessation of any rolling road testing until the testing area has been made safe.

Time keeping: Please arrive before your scheduled tuning appointment time, especially if you need to unload a vehicle from a trailer and make it ready to test. Our time is as valuable as your time, so please respect that. Arriving on time also allows us to spend more time actually tuning your car, rather than waiting for it to arrive. Any delays will be chargeable at standard rate.

Rolling Road Appointments: A rolling road is expensive to set up and run. As such, all appointments are paid prior to use and are non refundable. This includes circumstances where for reasons out of our control the test was not able to be run (lack of tie down points, mechanical issues, poor vehicle condition etc)
For tuning work, this is charged by the hour at £135 per hour, or by the price quoted (such as for Stage 1 tuning). This charge will apply for the entirety of the session and it is the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure there are no delays, mechanical failures etc.

Agreement: I have read and understood and accept the conditions and responsibilities stated above. I agree that due to the nature of the testing and/or reprogramming to be performed on my vehicle, there is a potential risk of damage to my vehicle, electronics and/or engine and I am assuming this risk entirely.
I confirm that I know the condition of the vehicle and I assure that it is in suitable condition to run on the Dynamometer. I have been advised that JL Innovation Ltd does not know, nor assumes any such knowledge of the condition of the vehicle being tested/tuned and I nevertheless, agree to have my vehicle run on the Dynamometer. I represent that all parts of the vehicle are in good condition and are capable of full power and full throttle performance during any testing/tuning being performed.
Therefore, I hereby release JL Innovation Limited, James Larbalestier and all personnel from any liability of any nature for damage or other losses which may be sustained as a result of the testing/tuning on the Dynamometer.
I understand that JL Innovation Ltd offers no warranty of any kind whether expressed or implied as to the testing equipment.

Please sign below to state you have read and agree to the above in full.

Signee Information

This can be found on the registration document, or usually in the bottom left corner of the windscreen, just under the wiper.

By clicking 'I Agree' below, you agree that you have read and agree with the terms of the waiver and that the information you provided is accurate. You furthermore agree that your submission of this form, via the 'I Agree' button, shall constitute the execution of this document in exactly the same manner as if you had signed, by hand, a paper version of this agreement.