Renter's Agreement

Please read through this agreement carefully before signing.

I. Maintenance of studio equipment, tools and pipes.
a. Ghost Pepper Glass (GPG) is responsible for maintenance of all shared studio equipment, hand tools and pipes. This includes the equipment, hand tools and pipes used during the rental of the hot shop, cold shop or flame shop studio areas. However, if any damage is done to any of the shop equipment, hand tools or pipes due to negligence of the renter, the renter will be held accountable for parts and labor on repairs to any of the items that are damaged.  

  b. Renters who purchase the hand tool or pipe rental from Ghost Pepper Glass are responsible to utilized proper hand tool and blow pipe/punti practices. If improper use of hand tools or blow pipes/punties is determined, GPG will restrict access to impacted item/s until further notice of approval from GPG staff. All hand tools and pipes will be cleaned by renters after each rental and stored in an approved area designated by GPG staff.

  c. The renter is responsible for cleaning and maintaining their bench space and any work areas used during the rental. Please follow the provided clean up list to complete your cleaning tasks. There will be a $50 CLEAN UP FEE if the studio is left dirty.

II. Approval for rental and use of Pepper Glass equipment.  
a. Before studio rental is permitted, attendance of a studio equipment orientation hosted by GPG staff is required. Orientations must be scheduled BEFORE the studio rental. Equipment orientations will be documented and will expire annually.  It is your responsibility to renew you authorizations each year.

  b. Before a renter is allowed to rent equipment provided by Ghost Pepper Glass, he/she must demonstrate the ability to safely and proficiently use the equipment and obtain approval documentation by GPG staff.

  c. Any renter found using equipment not delegated to their rental will be denied access to the equipment until further notice of approval by Ghost Pepper Glass staff.


III. Maintenance of shared studio/shop spaces.

a. Any physical damage done to any shop space at Ghost Pepper Glass by the renter will be paid for by renter.

b. Renters are required to pick up, or make arrangements for pick up, of all items made during a rental within 1 week. Renters are highly encouraged to make arrangements for delayed pick up or temporary storage of items if pick-up of glass must exceed 1 week. GPG is a public access studio and is not responsible for items left unattended or uncollected after they have cooled. GPG reserves the right to remove, sell or dispose of items not claimed after 1 week.

c. GPG does not provide storage of renter’s personal belongings (tools, color and pipes included) and reserves the right to remove, sell or dispose of items not claimed after 1 week. GPG is a public access studio, please do not leave personal items unattended.

d. GPG is a public access studio. Renters are responsible to help maintain the cleanliness of shared bathroom and kitchen spaces. Please be courteous and clean up after yourself and leave the studio cleaner then when you arrived!

e. Ghost Pepper Glass does not allow under any circumstances the use of drugs or alcohol before or during hot shop, cold shop or flame shop rentals.

f. There is no smoking cigarettes within 25 ft. of the shop. Please be courteous and do not leave butts or a mess on the ground.

h. Renters are encouraged to join us once per month for a group general studio cleanup. This allows the community to meet monthly, learn and practice studio upkeep as well as communicate any events, questions or concerns. Clean-up dates will be posted.

IV. Rental Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy are as follows:
a. Rental payments must be made up front, in full, before renter is allowed to work at Ghost Pepper Glass.

b. Cancellation Policy: Any cancellations made within 48 hours will be billed at the full rental rate. Cancellations made within 5 days of rental will be billed at 50% of the rental rate unless Ghost Pepper Glass is able to refill the spot.

Ghost Pepper Glass reserves the right to remove any renter and their equipment from the studio at any time for any reason.


I have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions of this contract, and agree to be bound by it.  I am fully aware and understand my responsibilities of conduct, cleanliness and studio preservation.

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