I hereby acknowledge and agree that in consideration of being permitted to participate in Frontier Camping   Society programs, races or activities organized, operated or sanctioned by Frontier Lodge, herein called “the Lodge”:   

1. I do hereby release, waive and discharge the Lodge, its members, officers, directors, independent contractors, employees, volunteers   and agents, all recourse, proceedings, claims and causes of action of any kind whatsoever, in respect of all personal injuries or   property losses which I may suffer arising out of or connected with, my preparation for, or participation in, the aforesaid programs,   races or activities EXCEPT where and to the extent such personal injuries or property losses arise out of the negligent acts or   omissions of the Lodge, its members, officers, directors, independent contractors, employees, volunteers or agents. This Waiver and   Release extends to all claims of every nature or kind whatsoever, foreseen or unforeseen, known or unknown.   

2. And, I hereby acknowledge and agree:  

a) that wilderness activities and programs are very dangerous, exposing participants to many risks and hazards;   

b) that, as a result of the aforesaid risks and hazards, I, as a participant, may suffer serious personal injury, even death, as well as   property loss;  

c) that some of the aforesaid risks and hazards are foreseeable, but others are not;  

d) that I nevertheless freely and voluntarily assume all the aforesaid risks and hazards, and that, accordingly, my preparation for, and   participation in the aforesaid programs, races and activities shall be entirely at my own risk;  

e) that the Lodge may use photographs or videos that I appear in for promotional purposes; 

f) that the Lodge may keep my information on file for a minimum of three years and that my information will be kept confidential and not   sold or given to any other organization;  

g) that I carefully read the WAIVER AND RELEASE agreement, that I fully understand and accept its terms, and that I am freely and voluntarily executing the same;  

h) that this WAIVER AND RELEASE agreement is binding on myself, my heirs, my executors, administrators, personal representatives and assigns.  

 3. In the event of any injury or illness, I authorize the Lodge staff or their designate to seek and obtain such emergency or medical   services as may be deemed necessary at the time. 


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