141 Longwater Drive Fitness Center


I understand and agree that my use of the 141 Longwater Drive Fitness Center (the “Center”) is undertaken at my sole risk and responsibility. I further acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and VOLUNTARILY ASSUME THE RISK that I may be exposed to or be infected by COVID-19 by using the 141 Longwater Drive Fitness Center. I acknowledge that I am in good physical condition and do not know of any condition or reason that should preclude me from using the facilities and assume full responsibility for my usage.

Tenants and their employees using the fitness equipment at 141 Longwater Drive, Norwell, MA Fitness Center hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless FoxRock Longwater II Realty, LLC, FoxRock Properties, LLC and their owners, officers, directors, managers, agents, subsidiaries, employees, successors and affiliates (hereinafter referred  to as “Manager”), from any and all losses, costs, claims, expenses, damages, injuries, judgments and liabilities, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, for bodily injury and/or property damage resulting from or related to my use of the fitness center, including any injury or illness related to COVID-19.

I understand and agree that Manager shall not be responsible or liable to me for any articles, which are damaged, lost, or stolen in or about the Fitness Center, and/or shower/locker room, or for any loss or damage to any personal property.

Also, tenants and their employees recognize that there is no instructor on duty, and that all fitness equipment is used strictly at your own risk.

As with any fitness program, individuals should consult with their physician prior to any exercise program and it is recommended that I have a thorough physical examination prior to my use of the Fitness Center.

I authorize Manager to obtain emergency medical attention and/or services for me in the event I experience any adverse physical symptoms as a result of my use of the Fitness Center and I release Manager from any liability or claim relating to such services.

By signing this form, I agree to abide by the following rules when using the facility and understand that my failure to comply with such rules and regulations may result in the suspension of my privileges to use the Fitness Center:


·       Individuals will at all times observe and adhere to any rules and guidelines posted, and any applicable laws or regulations.

·       Each Tenant desiring to use the Fitness Center must first sign this form and turn into the management office before using the facility.

·       Proper attire is required. No street shoes may be worn on the treadmill, cross trainer or elliptical machine. Socks and bare feet are prohibited outside of the locker room.

·       The fitness center is not supervised but is open for use.

·       Please do not leave personal items or trash behind. If you bring it in with you, please take it out with you.

·       Please be considerate of other users. If there is a wait for the machine you are using, please limit your time to 20 minutes so that others may have an opportunity to use the equipment as well.

·       No radios are allowed, other than those with headphone for private use.

·       Lost and found articles will be kept for 10 days in the Property Engineer’s office.

·       Immediately notify Management of broken equipment.

·       Wipe off equipment with paper towels and disinfectant after use. (Bottles of disinfectant spray and paper towels are supplied.)



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