3.5 Alaska Warriors Hockey Code of Conduct

As a member of the Alaska Warriors Hockey Program, each player must read and acknowledge acceptance by signing the Alaska Warriors Hockey Program player Code of Conduct. The player Code of Conduct establishes an expectation that each player and member conduct himself or herself, on and off the ice, in a manner that adheres to the mission and values of AWH, and properly represents the Team, USA Hockey, and the Warrior community. The coaches and Team Management are committed to the adherence of all aspects of the Program. Additionally, incidents which violate the AWH player handbook will be dealt with according to the handbook. Each player must sign the player handbook at the beginning of each year in order to participate in any AWH activities.

As a player and member of the Alaska Warriors Hockey Program ("AWH"), I will be subject to the USA Hockey Player Code of Conduct and the following AWH Code of Conduct while participating in any and all AWH events. I understand that I am a representative of AWH, and will conduct myself within the rules of AWH, USA Hockey, and the leagues of which AWH is a member. I understand that if I violate in any way the USA Hockey Player Code of Conduct, the AWH Player Code of Conduct and/or the rules and regulations of AWH, USA Hockey, and the leagues of which AWH is a member, I will be subject to disciplinary measures, which may include, but is not limited to, benching, suspension from practices and/or games, disciplinary hearings, suspension and/or termination from the team, and dismissal from AWH.

Therefore I agree to:

1. Adhere to AWH and USA Hockey rules, regulations, policies, procedures, as well as by-laws and decisions determined by the AWH Board of Directors.

2. Treat all teammates, players, coaches, officials, and fans, with respect, regardless of race, age, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity, creed, disability, national origin, religion, or veteran status with respect relative to abusive language, actions, and gestures, while either on or off the ice.

3. Respect the physical facilities at the rinks where practices, games and/or other AWH events are played or held.

4. Be on time for all games and practices and provide advance notice to my team manager for all absences.

5. Never argue with an official’s decision and will skate directly to the penalty box if assessed with a penalty during a game.

6. Never fight with teammates, opponents, officials or spectators.

Signee Information

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