Trip Release of Liability & Insurance Release

Trip Release of Liability

This agreement, release and disclosure is made and entered into between Ascuba Venture Inc and myself. In consideration for Ascuba Venture arranging transportation and accommodations for the excursion or other activity described above, I hereby agree to the following:

Initial HereI understand and am aware that diving is a potentially HAZARDOUS activity. I understand that the sport of diving involves the risk of injury. I hereby agree to freely and expressly assume and accept any and all risks of injury or death while participating in diving activities.

Initial HereI agree that I will release Ascuba Venture Inc. from any and all responsibility or liability for injuries or damages to the participant in this diving activity or to any other person. I agree NOT to make a claim against or sue this dive shop for injuries or damages relating to diving and/or the use of its equipment. I agree to release this dive shop from any such responsibility, whether it results from the use of this equipment or service by the user, or whether it results from any NEGLIGENCE or other liability arising out of the maintenance of this equipment or organization of this activity. 

Trip Cancellation

Initial HereI understand that Ascuba Venture Inc. must make payments and deposits to arrange and book the trip or activity that is the subject of this agreement. Therefore, I agree that if I cancel my reservations, the fees paid are non-refundable. If I do cancel, Ascuba Venture Inc. will try to sell your space or spaces for the trip, excursion or activity to another person or persons. If Ascuba Venture is unable to resell your space, there will be NO REFUND.

Initial HereI understand that there is a 5% cancellation fee for any trip, regardless of the date the cancellation was made or if the seat was able to be resold.

Initial HereI understand that if Ascuba Venture is able to sell your space, Ascuba Venture will refund the price of the space less the cancellation fee, the cost of the name change, and, if paid by credit card, a processing fee for the credit card.

Initial HereI understand that, in the case of any interruption or cancellation of the trip due to cause or causes not in control of Ascuba Venture Inc., no refunds will be made by Ascuba Venture Inc and I should take out a travel insurance policy.

Initial HereI understand, should I desire coverage, that I am responsible to take out my own travel & dive medical insurance policy and I understand that Ascuba Venture does not provide dive travel & medical insurance. 


Initial HereI understand that the price for the trip or activity does not include porterage, gratuities, meals, telephone service and calls and any other expenses (unless stated in writing in the trip flyer provided by Ascuba Venture Inc.)

Initial HereI understand that any required travel documents such as passports or information required to obtain passage for the trip, excursion or activity are my responsibility. Passports must have an expiration date no less than six months from the date of any trip or excursion where a passport is required.

I hereby agree to accept the terms and conditions of this contract. This document constitutes the final and entire agreement between Ascuba Venture Inc. and the undersigned. There are NO WARRANTIES, expressed or implied, which extend beyond the description of the activity listed on this form. I have carefully read this agreement and release of liability and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability and a contract between myself and Ascuba Venture Inc. and I sign it of my own free will.  

SSI Responsible Diver Code

Scuba diving is an adventure activity that requires the use of specialized life support equipment in an underwater environment where humans could not otherwise exist. As with other adventure activities, scuba diving has elements of risk that cannot be totally eliminated regardless of the amount of training, care, caution or expertise. SSI believes these risks may be reduced through the SSI Diver Diamond - development of proper Knowledge, Skills, Equipment and Experience. Ultimately it is up to each individual diver to assume the inherent risk associated with scuba diving and each diver’s responsibility to minimize the risk through exercising good judgment, common sense, respect and personal awareness during all diving activities. SSI has developed a Responsible Diver Code to remind divers of your responsibilities for each dive.

As a Responsible Diver - I pledge to:

1. DIVE COMPETENTLY - Always dive within my training, certification, experience, comfort and ability.

2. MAINTAIN APPROPRIATE DIVER HEALTH - Including appropriate fitness, physical health and mental awareness to dive.

3. UTILIZE A DIVE PLAN - Plan my dive and dive my plan. Listen to and follow dive briefings.

4. BE A RESPONSIBLE DIVE PARTNER - Remain with my dive partner from start to finish of my dive. Know our plan to reunite if separated underwater.

5. INSPECT MY DIVE EQUIPMENT - Before each dive, I will inspect my equipment and make sure everything is working properly. I will confirm my cylinder valve is completely open. When using blended gas (i.e., Enriched Air Nitrox) – I shall analyze my gas and know its limitations. I will establish proper weighting, know how to release my weights, and verify my buoyancy compensator (BC) and inflator are connected and functioning properly. I will secure my submersible pressure/depth gauge and/or dive computer where it is easily accessible, and know how to use each.

6. DIVER AWARENESS - Monitor my cylinder pressure; making sure to surface with reserve gas and never run out of gas. Monitor my depth and time, respect no decompression limits, perform controlled ascents, safety stops, and monitor my dive partner.

7. MAINTAIN PROFICIENT SCUBA SKILLS - I understand scuba skills and knowledge are perishable. If it has been more than six months since my last dive, I understand the importance of taking a Scuba Skills Update course. I will maintain proper buoyancy throughout my dive, ascend slowly, and breathe properly to avoid overexpansion injuries.

8. RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT - Be aware of currents, waves, visibility, temperature, weather, boat traffic, slippery, uneven and unstable surfaces, overhead environments, entanglements, and hazardous marine life. I understand boats are unsteady surfaces and will always use one hand to stabilize myself. I understand the importance of taking an orientation dive with a local professional when diving in unfamiliar environments. I will obey all diving and applicable regulations, statutes and codes.

9. PLAN FOR EMERGENCIES - In addition to inspecting all of my dive equipment, I will verify my dive partner’s equipment is functioning properly, configured appropriately and that I know how to remove our weights in case of an emergency. I will make sure our alternate air sources are properly secured and easily accessible in case of a low air or out of air emergency. I will know scuba hand signals and how to alert others in case of an emergency. I will have an emergency action plan in case my dive partner or I have an emergency.

10. ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY - I am ultimately responsible for my safety during all diving activities. Failure to comply with these responsibilities will increase my risk of serious injury or death. Accidents can happen even when all safety guidelines are followed, therefore I should obtain personal dive accident insurance.

I understand the importance of being a responsible diver and I pledge to abide by the SSI Responsible Diver Code. I understand failure to abide by the SSI Responsible Diver Code will jeopardize my safety and well-being.


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